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★ ★ No Rain...No Rainbow★ ★

Yesterday’s suffering is today’s nourishment

22 July 1988
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What I Like

Gundam in general.Yaoi. Kuroshitsuji I really love that manga, kinda dislike the anime. Pandora Hearts, love Xerxes Break. Love AsuCaga from Gundam SEED. Gossip Girl although I'm really behind the current episodes. Games of thrones! Stark House all the way!. Dogs: I have 2 dachshunds girls! they are adorable. Hablo en español. Curvy figures like Kim Kardashian, Eva Mendes and Sofia Vergara. Love Fashion Editorial. Kpop, but I'm not a hardcore fan, I love 2NE1. I like to do graphics on photoshop
About Me

Age: 23. Name: Krystle Q. Country: Panama.Languages: Español/English.Studies: Marketing and Advertising with Graphic Design Mayor degree. Relationship Status: Taken. Dogs: 2 girls daschunds <3. What I hate?: Reggaeton, Hipocrate people, drama queens, hipsters, bullies, cheaters, Rich snobs,pro anas, characters like Bella, Relela, Marina or Suzaku.Hoes Hoes and Hoes.

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